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Tool for recording of laboratory requirements

Brief description

In preparation of the installation of a laboratory information system, the manufacturer's service staff record the customer's requirements. For structured and user-friendly recording, an Excel application is developed that supports the process and allows the exchange of data with a central organization, which configures and tests the customer's laboratory information system on this basis.


The application allows to capture well-structured laboratory master data as well as requirements of the laboratory that are captured in natural language. From these natural sentences, specific laboratory master data can be referenced. A constantly growing library of templates can be used to capture the requirements. Master data, requirements and templates are collected in a central organization and are the basis for configuration and testing of the customer system. This makes it possible to shorten the installation time at the customer's site.

Subject description

On the one hand, requirements for laboratory information systems are a great deal of detailed master data (tests that are performed in the laboratory, samples that can be processed, etc.). On the other hand, they are basic requirements for the processes in the laboratory and the processing of specific samples that can be described quite easily in natural language but have links to the master data. The tool must therefore allow requirements to be recorded in natural language and linked to the master data. The diversity of laboratories also requires a high degree of flexibility.


Project periodProjektbeginn01.10.2020

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