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Trial database

Project duration: 7 months

Brief description

The application is used for the structured management of trials in a technical school. At the same time, resources such as personnel, test stands and boilers are scheduled.


After a prototype is created, the application is implemented in MS Access. Data is stored in an Oracle database. Trials are assigned to trial series, which can be freely grouped according to functional criteria. These functions enable faster and more selective access to trials. Multiple trial sections are differentiated within a single trial. Calculations can be carried out for individual sections.

Subject description

The aim of the application is to manage all the trials that have previously been carried out on a product (incl. changing the trial parameters such as pressure, concentration, solvent, etc.) in order to avoid carrying out trials with the same parameters. As some trial series take place over a long period of time, it is important to save all the trial data throughout the entire period of time.


Project period01.09.1998 - 15.04.1999

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