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Visitor information system

Project duration: 1 year, 6 months

Brief description

Design and implementation of a visitor information system. The aim is to simplify the announcing of and check-in for visitors, visitor groups or outside employees in a major bank's properties.


The system fulfills the following requirements: Visitors or outside employees can only be announced by authorized bank employees or a representative (of the person being visited). Visitors and/or companies are known by name to the check-in on the day of the visit. All other information about the visitors is available at the check-in (name, number of people in visitor groups, company, person being visited, host's location or meeting point, length of visit or activity, internal notes, parking place reservation). Any devices or equipment brought by visitors are registered on entering the building. Visitors receive a personal visitor ID with all the necessary information and, if necessary, additional information about their host's building and location. Visitors can move freely around the building in question. The end of the visit is noted by the host in the system and checked by reception on check-out (time taken to walk through the building).

Subject description

As an additional function, the system also supports the checking in of bank employees who are unable to produce a valid employee ID. They are identified by means of suitable information (HR number, cost center, location, telephone extension, etc.) and are given a daily pass.


Project period01.06.1998 - 30.11.1999

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