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Visually appealing quotations from SAP

Project duration: 1 month

Brief description

Quotation creation in SAP and design-optimized output in MS Word.


The prototype is demonstrated using a 56K ISDN line. The following functions can be presented: Call up a version of a template (bandwidths), IDES SAP SD document (quotation), text module wizard (change, adopt), formatting as per customer requirements (bold, italics, underlined, fields!), transfer of SAP quotation data to MS Word (header fields and items), arbitrary changing and adoption of SD document items without loss of adjusted texts in MS Word, versioning of the quotations in the SAP BDS.

Subject description

Requirements: Optically appealing quotations (proportional font, layout, logo, graphics), flexible content of text modules, texts in the SAP master data, quotation texts (text modules), change protection for locked document parts. Simple training in quotation processing with familiar Microsoft tools (Word), efficient creation of standard quotations, effective creation and processing of individual quotations, version management of quotations. Outlook – possible expansion options: Multi-lingual template management, decentralized processing of the quotations, e.g., at the customer's site, comparison with the SAP quotation (replication) of released fields.


Project period01.02.2004 - 12.03.2004

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