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Web application for order entry by external employees

Brief description

The customer requires a web application for order entry by external employees. The synchronization of the application backend with the data of the central SAP system enables the continuous updating of both customer data and the product range. The application is hosted in MS Azure. However, it receives access to defined services from the customer's SAP system, which is hosted by another provider, via a VPN connection. PTA works with the customer to manage all aspects of application development, including release requirements, design/architecture, implementation, testing, documentation and deployment.


The application includes the web-based frontend (Angular) on the one hand and the .NET core-based backend on the other. In addition, there are user administration, database (MS Azure services) and communication interfaces to the SAP system. The following systems are used in the project: Angular for the frontend, ASP.NET Core for the backend, Azure SQL-DB for the database, Azure Active Directory B2C for user management (custom workflow, incl. data synchronization with the SAP system) and ElasticSearch for customer search. The connection to the customer's internal IT systems (especially the SAP system) is established via an Azure VPN component.

Subject description

The application represents a central building block in the digitization strategy for the customer's sales structure: It is intended to finally replace the paper-based recording of orders. This requires a high level of acceptance (especially of the UI flows) of the application among users, which is ensured through continuous testing. The offline functionality of the web application allows users to use the sales application even at locations where no Internet connection is available.

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