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Workshop: COBOL with Enterprise Java Beans

Project duration: 1 month

Brief description

Preparing a workshop on the topic of "Calling up COBOL programs via Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs)".


The EJB technology makes it possible to call up COBOL programs via a browser interface. Minor code adjustments need to be made to the control system and the point of entry for a COBOL program, and the transfer parameters need to be defined. Next, what is known as 'service interface mapping' is created. This is used to generate EJBs that are addressed via a web interface and call up the COBOL code. Net Express 4.0 from Micro Focus GmbH is used as the development tool. Net Express provides the Enterprise Server (ES) to implement this technology. This server acts as the application server to provide the COBOL-Java interface. JBoss is used as the web server (providing EJBs). The business logic of the COBOL program is not affected by the adjustments, so that it can continue to run on the old system environment.

Subject description

The customer offers high quality system solutions for textiles supply, company hygiene and occupational health and safety, e.g. for health care. It is responsible for procuring, delivering, caring for and cleaning textiles in line with a wide variety of hygiene specifications. This highly complex process is supported using software that is largely programmed in COBOL. There is a successor system that is very important to process controlling. The company is continuously expanding, meaning that geographically distant branches need to be integrated in terms of data processing. The aim is to find a strategy or technology that can modernize the customer's existing IT landscape in the long term. To minimize risk, the customer wants to use a gradual approach that would make it possible to continue to use existing COBOL programs. A complete replacement is to be avoided. Daily business must be ensured at all times.


Project period03.05.2006 - 31.05.2006

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