BKK Pfalz recognizes digitization potential and sets new standards in consulting with NEXOVI

Digital advice assistant ensures streamlined, error-free care advice

BKK Pfalz has recognized the signs of the times and is consistently driving forward the digitization of its business areas. The company health insurance fund recently started using NEXOVI, a digital advice assistant from
NEXOVI, a digital advice assistant from PTA
. NEXOVI demonstrates its strengths in the complex area of care consulting. The digital care assistant Anna not only explains all care insurance benefits to users – the streamlined, modern service, which is available around the clock, also provides support with the application process. In this way, BKK Pfalz can minimize the post-processing of applications, and the employees in the care team can concentrate on providing personal advice. Fixed office hours and appointments are a thing of the past for those insured with BKK Pfalz. Under the brand name
“Anna explains it”
performs NEXOVI performs its service reliably 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provides the members of the company health insurance fund with a first-class digital advice service.

Company portrait

BKK Pfalz was founded in 1923 in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, initially as the company health insurance fund of Knoll AG. It can thus look back on almost 100 years of tradition in supporting its members. Today, more than 400 employees look after the health of around 170,000 insured persons throughout Germany. But the BKK Pfalz does even more. It offers its members innovative services and additional benefits that go beyond the statutory benefits. In doing so, it uses the scope for additional benefits in the interests of the insured: preventive healthcare, comprehensive and complete insurance cover and the well-being of families and children are particularly important to the health insurance company. Up-to-date, modern and personal advice can certainly be achieved with the consistent digitalization of certain processes. Those responsible at BKK Pfalz have long recognized this. This realization is an important cornerstone of their success.

Knowing what members want

However, the healthcare industry has numerous hurdles to overcome if it wants to successfully undergo a consistent digital transformation. In the case of statutory health insurance companies, this is reflected in the legal regulations, complex consulting topics, and the high volume of personal and patient-related data that is subject to data protection. Nevertheless, Andreas Lenz, Chairman of the Board of Management of BKK Pfalz, is convinced that there is a high level of acceptance among insured members on the subject of digitization: “Between 60 and 70 percent of our members signal to us that they are open to proactive, digital offers. This shows us that we are required to put ourselves in the position of these interested parties and proactively provide them with offers on basic content and preventive healthcare.” This progressive attitude was, as it were, the starting signal for an extraordinary partnership with PTA IT-Beratung in Mannheim. Together, those responsible have explored starting points for digitalization projects at BKK Pfalz – and have taken a decisive step forward at eye level, combined with a continuous transfer of knowledge.

NEXOVI brings consulting processes to the customer's couch

“We have recently started using
NEXOVI, the PTA’s digital consulting assistant
“, explains Andreas Lenz. “He supports us and our policyholders by providing clear and expert advice on all aspects of applying for care services.” BKK Pfalz uses a professional actress as a spokesperson for the personal approach via the advice assistant.

It guides all interested parties clearly and
dialog-oriented through the consultation and application process
. There are fixed service times and consultation hours with the use of
at BKK Pfalz – “Instead, we are simply shifting many questions, services and offers directly to our customers’ living room couch,” says Andreas Lenz.

Reliably conveys even complex issues

Particularly in the area of nursing care consulting, both the customers of BKK Pfalz and the health insurance company itself benefit. This is because the consulting effort in this area is high – the topic is multi-layered and complex. Thus, the decision was made to digitize this application area in particular. “In the past, our policyholders were given a 30-page brochure that raised further questions in case of doubt.
now guides them clearly through this complex process,” explains Andreas Lenz. This is how NEXOVI supports all applicants in all matters relating to a first-time application for long-term care benefits, repeat applications or applications for upgrading. Also advises
the digital advice assistant
the conversion of care benefits, for example for applying for full inpatient care or switching from care allowance to a combined benefit. In such cases, therefore, it is a completely digitized end-to-end process, and the susceptibility to errors approaches zero. This frees up resources, relieves the burden on customer service and, on top of that, saves BKK Pfalz a lot of time and thus money.

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BKK Pfalz - a pioneer of digitalization

BKK Pfalz recognized its policyholders’ wishes for digital care and advice options at an early stage. It is the first company health insurance fund to offer the
extensive consultation process
process for applying for long-term care benefits from the long-term care insurance fund and covers it completely with the help of an interactive advisory assistant. And this progressive approach is very well received by many members, with the digital advice assistant expertly guiding them through the application jungle and clarifying important questions. With a
customized interactive video consultation
applicants are now guided individually through the entire application process.

The advantages are clear, as Andreas Lenz summarizes: “
has no fixed consultation hours or even waiting times. It is available to our policyholders and interested parties 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are also streamlining our application processes and ensuring a largely error-free procedure.” As the advice assistant is designed as a cloud application, it doesn’t matter from where and via which device a policyholder wants to use it – the range of applications offers the greatest possible flexibility. The following has also paid off
the design of the advice assistant

“We made a conscious decision to use real people as advisors who personally accompany an applicant,” explains Andreas Lenz. “This makes our solution very different from a chatbot, because people are there to help other people with advice and valuable tips.” The result: Applicants feel that they are in good hands and find answers to their questions with the advisory assistant, even in very complex procedures. BKK Pfalz benefits from a lean, modern service that reduces errors in advance, minimizes time-consuming reworking of applications and thus reduces service costs.

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