The new sales calculator optimizes the application process for Orion legal expenses insurance

Efficient service for consultants and customers

Orion Rechtsschutz-Versicherung AG, one of the largest legal protection insurers in Switzerland, has significantly reduced the burden on its underwriting department with the development of a new digital sales computer that supports the extensive processing of applications and quotes. The optimized user experience and digital contracting enable a modern, efficient service in consulting and at the same time elevate the customer experience to a new level. PTA IT-Beratung Schweiz, based in Zurich, was responsible for implementing the Orion sales computer.

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With around 150 employees, Orion Rechtsschutz-Versicherung AG is the number 5 legal protection insurer in Switzerland with offices in Basel and Lausanne. Founded in 1976, Orion offers its products to private and business customers based in Switzerland. Orion has been a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd and Vaudoise Insurance Holding Ltd since 2002.

New business is generated by the parent companies and a large number of sales partners. The large number of sales partners presents the Underwriting department in particular with administrative and coordination challenges when processing applications and preparing offers. This is because Orion processes several thousand policies per year, whose applications arrive at Orion via various media channels such as e-mail, post, online and in various data formats.

Requirements profile for a modern and powerful sales computer

Orion was already using a web-based sales computer, but over the years this was no longer able to meet the needs and requirements of the consultants. It was also not designed for further internal processing. “The entire application process had media discontinuities and was not consistently digitized, user guidance was not self-explanatory, and support could be improved,” says Elke Seeliger, Project Manager Business Development at Orion, describing the initial situation. “Many applications were printed out, processed and forwarded between different departments. That involved a lot of effort and was therefore time-consuming.”

Orion drew up a catalog of requirements that clearly defined the functions and processes that a digital sales computer must fulfil in order to digitize and thus optimize the entire application process. In this context, the Orion team came across the IT and process consultants of PTA Switzerland. Together, those responsible analyzed the process flows from logging in, to the creation of offers during the sales meeting, to the conclusion of the contract and its processing. In an initial project phase, this technical exchange ultimately led to the development of a clickable prototype by PTA.

Web technologies form the core of the digital tool

The PTA consultants developed the digital recording of insurance applications in the new sales computer based on the web technologies Angular for the front end of the application and .NET for its back end. The PTA project team was in close contact with Orion’s specialist departments throughout the entire development process.

In this way, the required functionalities of the tool could be successively refined and tailored precisely to the needs of the customer advisors and the underwriting department. User management and authorization are implemented by connecting the software to Azure B2C Active Directory. Additional interfaces to external sales partners allow the automatic transfer of customer data into the application via deep link.

Intelligent digital workflows increase the quality of processes...

The new sales computer simplifies the preparation of applications and the conclusion of contracts for customer advisors and reduces the processing workload for underwriters, who check the applications and transfer them to the downstream core system via an interface.

The digitalization project is impressive: “The sales calculator digitalizes, standardizes and simplifies the creation of insurance applications and significantly streamlines the associated processes. Products and tariffs are easier to view and the user experience has been massively improved,” says Michael Chelós, Head of Underwriting & Products at Orion.

Manual steps have been replaced by an intelligent digital workflow, and time-consuming correction loops have been eliminated, as the sales computer automatically validates all applications for completeness and provides Orion employees with a central overview of all applications and their processing status.

... and the end customers also benefit

And the digital sales computer also opens up additional options for end customers, who are still advised in on-site appointments or also by telephone. After a thorough review, customer advisors now provide their end customers with a ‘click-to-contract’ function and digital signature. This makes it much easier for the end customer to accept the insurance application, reducing the need to exchange and send paper documents and speeding up the entire application process.

Project ID: 5860

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On the cutting edge of digitization

The Orion sales computer relieves the employees in their daily work and increases the efficiency as well as the quality in the process flows. The data transfer from the systems of the sales partners makes a major contribution in terms of data quality and significantly simplifies the preparation of applications for customer advisors. The optimized user experience and digital contracting enable a modern, efficient service in consulting and at the same time elevate the customer experience to a new level.

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Tim Köhler

Managing Director PTA Schweiz GmbH

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