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The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) will be using Microsoft Dynamics 365 in future. With the cloud-based business applications suite, RMV achieves a 360-degree view of its private and business customers. Thanks to the integrated CRM application, all customer processes can be designed transparently, evaluated according to target group and systematized. With 2.5 million passengers a day, this is a must. The deep integration of the solution into the existing IT infrastructure was realized by the transport association together with the IT consultants from PTA IT-Beratung in Mannheim.

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The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) is one of the largest transport associations in Germany. It coordinates and organizes regional bus and rail transport across around 14,000 square kilometers. That is about two thirds of the area of the federal state of Hesse. Approximately five million people live in the network area, and if you include the inhabitants of the transitional tariff areas, this figure rises to 6.7 million. Verbund was launched in 1995. Since then, RMV has made a significant contribution to the development of the Rhine-Main area as a vibrant metropolitan region. In order to provide its many private and business customers with an individually tailored range of services, RMV has recently started using a powerful CRM solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud platform.

Looking for a deeply integrated solution with a high degree of automation

The decision to establish a highly integrated CRM module had been an obvious one at RMV for some time. The growth course the company has embarked on and the sheer volume of customers who now use RMV as a reliable mode of transport in the Frankfurt metropolitan region made the introduction of such a solution unavoidable. One requirement for the new CRM system was clearly defined from the outset: It had to cover all processes in the marketing department transparently and also enable the key account sales department to offer its business customers tailor-made services. The company was therefore looking for a solution that would reliably bundle data and information from external systems via deep integration into the existing system landscape and enable it to cover target group-specific services, offers and sales processes with a high degree of automation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and implementation partner PTA found

The RMV managers found the IT experts from Mannheim-based PTA Unternehmensberatung GmbH as part of a Europe-wide tender. The PTA consultants scored points with their sophisticated process knowledge and the technical expertise that a system integrator needs to seamlessly integrate a CRM suite into an existing, complex system landscape. The PTA team had the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud solution with them. What spoke in favor of the suite was that it provides RMV employees with flexible, intelligent tools. In this way, the program supports RMV in actively addressing its broad customer base in a target group-oriented and variable manner, thus opening up new business opportunities for the transport association. “The high level of integration and the ability to run targeted analyses with Power BI, for example to regularly monitor our sales figures from digital sales in the future, were further decisive reasons for ultimately introducing Microsoft Dynamics,” says Sandra Tauber, commenting on the benefits of the business suite.

Convenient target group selection...

With the CRM and sales application integrated into Microsoft Dynamics, RMV is now able to bring together all the necessary customer data in a central system, which enables convenient target group selection. A lot of data was still stored in historically grown Excel lists and Access databases, but that is not a shortcoming either. They can now be easily imported into the new, integrated cloud applications. Pre-prepared transaction emails make the RMV marketing department’s daily work much easier. The project team has created such templates for numerous processes and inquiries, enabling the service team to respond quickly to a wide variety of customer inquiries and thus make a significant contribution to customer satisfaction.

...and transparent processes in the RMVsmiles bonus program

The integrated cloud solution also plays to its strengths with the RMVsmiles bonus program. The Smiles are calculated on the basis of the amount paid by the passengers. Customers can then redeem them for attractive discount coupons. The choice via the RMVsmiles partner portal is huge. The CRM application also facilitates end customer communication in this case and makes it particularly customer-friendly and transparent by bundling the data from all partner systems and storing balances. The partners’ coupon system, which end customers use to redeem their Smiles, is directly linked to the CRM solution as a modular system. This means that RMV employees always have a detailed overview of how well the service is being received by customers. “If a discount campaign is particularly successful, for example, we can run individual customer campaigns based on this. In my opinion, this is a prime example of how modern customer communication can and must work today. The watering can has had its day here,” says Sandra Tauber enthusiastically.

Key account sales efficiently manages job tickets

In addition to the many private customers, business customers also benefit from lean processes and communication tailored to their needs, which would hardly be possible without the cloud suite and its networking with RMV’s existing IT landscape. RMV offers companies or organizations in the entire catchment area with at least 51 employees a JobTicket, which is available in three versions: Basic, Basicplus and Premium and offers different ranges and take-along options. Whichever option a business customer chooses, an individual agreement must be made with RMV in all cases.

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JobTickets are not available off the shelf from RMV. However, all three variants have one thing in common: the complete sales process from lead to valid contract conclusion is seamlessly mapped in the CRM solution – a powerful process flow. In this context, the PTA consultants have created over 40 context-related mail templates for RMV’s key account advisors, which support them from the mobility survey, including price calculation and offer preparation, through the entire sales process and facilitate customer communication. Even price updates are integrated and are thus automatically transferred to downstream systems.

KombiTicket also marketed with CRM support

What unites soccer fans, opera lovers, dancing mice, canoeists, groupies and recreational athletes? The correct answer: Everyone uses public transport – for example to get to the stadium, theater or opera. This is why RMV, together with numerous event organizers and venues, offers so-called KombiTickets. They combine an admission ticket and RMV ticket in one and RMV’s key account sales department also creates and calculates this wide range of offers seamlessly via the integrated cloud suite’s connected sales process. In this way, depending on the event and its size, the potential of the company’s own data can be exploited as cost-effectively as possible and transferred into attractive framework agreements with the countless event organizers in the Rhine-Main metropolis.

The right course has been set

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, RMV uses a modern business suite that enables a high degree of automation of the process landscape. The PTA consultants managed to integrate the cloud solution into the transport association’s existing IT infrastructure via numerous interfaces and to adapt it precisely to RMV’s requirements by adding features such as countless transaction mails. Power BI can be used to run targeted evaluations and monitor campaigns and sales. This leads to transparent and efficient processes along the entire supply chain and customer service that is second to none. At a time when the climate debate is intense and it is clear that the demand for smooth public transportation will continue to rise in the future, this is a great advantage that shows that those responsible at RMV have set the course in the right direction.

Customer testimonial

“The requirements were quite complex, as we operate a very heterogeneous IT landscape that is connected to partner systems via numerous interfaces. Integrating a CRM solution here that provides us with all the necessary data from different IT systems centrally and also automates extensive service processes – that required a modern IT solution, but also an implementation partner who fully understands their craft,

explains Sandra Tauber, who managed the entire project from a marketing perspective on behalf of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund.

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