Software quality

Increase the sustainability and long-term profitability of your software

In the area of SAP development, our SAP experts draw on a broad spectrum of technologies and programming languages that we have gathered and refined over the years in countless SAP projects in the development of front and back-end applications and in the development of forms in order to offer our customers tailor-made solutions. Our experts develop custom Fiori or UI5 applications that are tailored to your specific needs.

are customized, offer an intuitive user experience and thus have a very user-friendly design.

Our SAP experts implement the necessary back-end developments using the SAP programming languages ABAP and ABAP OO. However, we also use non-SAP languages if required. We also have expertise in Web Dynpro applications, Web Services and CDS Views as well as in the creation of forms with Adobe Forms, Smartforms and SAP Script.

Our competences

We advise and support you on all topics relating to software quality, e.g:


  • Conception of software architectures
  • Evaluation of software architectures
    (qualitative / quantitative)


  • Implementation of code reviews
  • Support and advice on central concepts, e.g. SOLID, clean code, TDD, DDD
  • Support in the collection and interpretation of static code analyses, e.g. SonarQube, NDepend
  • Support for dynamic code analyses, e.g. memory leak, performance


  • Advice on identifying DevOps potential, e.g. continuous integration, continuous delivery


  • Application and advice on the use of design patterns
  • Use of automated tests to reduce the manual testing effort, e.g. unit tests, mocking frameworks, automated UI tests

Your advantages

User friendliness

User friendliness

A uniform look and feel for your user interfaces not only increases user acceptance but also boosts efficiency in development and day-to-day use.



Compliance with industry standards and best practices minimizes security risks in your software and the associated potential consequential damage.

Lower costs

Lower costs

High software quality not only reduces the number of software errors, but also increases maintainability and expandability, among other things. This increases the efficiency of further development and the training of new developers.



Modular system designs and the elimination of unnecessary third-party components make it quicker and easier for you to adapt and port your software to new environments. This ensures that you can react quickly to changing requirements.

Lower risk

Lower risk

An appropriate software architecture and high software quality protect you from high technical debts and thus reduce the danger of hidden risks. By using automated tests, you can ensure that your software continues to work reliably even after modifications.



By avoiding excessive coupling of code elements, your code remains flexible, interchangeable and robust against extensions and adaptations.

Selection of our QA and test tools

Our experience - how our customers benefit from software quality

As an IT consulting company with 50 years of experience, PTA has many years of expertise in the design and implementation of high-quality software. Our customers include medium-sized and large companies from various sectors who implement and sustainably optimize their software-based business processes with our support. A selection of projects is referenced below.

Project ID: 4828

Analysis and evaluation of the application landscape of a retail company

Project ID: 4561

Software refactoring for an automated sample transfer module

Project ID: 4654

Mockups and checklist-based GUI review for diagnostics software

Project ID: 4774

Refactoring process control

Project ID: 4558

Refactoring and further development of action planning

Project ID: 4717

.net SharePoint library

Research in our IT projects in the area of software quality

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