The most important questions and answers about the interactive video advice assistant at a glance

The digital consulting assistant is an interactive component that can be customized, regardless of which products or services are to be offered. The assistant can be easily integrated into any website and combines both video and control elements.

No. With video stream platforms, the user can start and stop a video or jump to the desired position. Beyond that, however, he remains completely passive. If, on the other hand, the user communicates with a digital consulting assistant, they interact with it. The advice assistant responds depending on the questions asked or the information provided. For example, the user’s behavior interactively influences the course of a product consultation – entirely according to their preferences and wishes.

The digital consulting assistant picks up customers where they are and guides them through business processes with advice and assistance. The range of applications is diverse: it covers purchases, consultations and contracts of all kinds. The consulting assistant really comes into its own when it comes to business processes that are not intuitive and require explanations. Whether it’s filling out forms or advising on products that require explanation.

No, there are no waiting times. This digital service can be set up so that several consultations can take place at the same time.

The digital consulting assistant is a web application written in Angular with ASP.NET Core Backend and is provided as “Software as a Service”. The Internet address of the consulting assistant points to a Microsoft Azure server in Germany, which means that it can be integrated into any website as an iFrame – like a kind of frame in which a video as an MP4 video stream and the HTML control and input components run synergistically.

Whenever your day-to-day business has to do with your customers’ activities or work that requires explanation, the digital consulting assistant makes your life easier. By taking your customers by the hand and explaining what needs to be done, incorrect entries and misunderstandings are reduced, allowing you to carry out your day-to-day business more efficiently. With the digital video consulting assistant, you have the opportunity to increase your company’s competitiveness and support customers with customized interactive consulting to retain them in the long term.

First and foremost, the good feeling of not being left alone. Of course, no software can replace your personal advice, but the digital advice assistant can be there for your customers when you can’t: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And thanks to the Internet, it doesn’t matter where your customers are or where you happen to be. The digital advice assistant also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of application, whether it’s taking out insurance via tablet or smartphone at the weekend, receiving product advice in the evening, reporting a move or activating a product key.

No. Because with every movie or video, you as the viewer have no influence on the course of events. The role of the viewer is always passive. However, if you use the digital advisory assistant, you are not a passive spectator, but an active participant with guidance or assistance if you need it.

There is no general answer to this question. We will be happy to make you an individual offer. Talk to us! No matter which options you choose: You save time and money. Your customers will appreciate this.

No. The digital advisory assistant can be used internationally. Whatever language you want to portray – the actors who act as speakers speak many languages. And if one of our artificial avatars is used, they learn all languages in no time at all.

We start with detailed discussions with you to understand your wishes and requirements. Based on the results, we provide you with suggestions that show what the finished product could look like. We call these suggestions “scripts” or “storyboards”. As soon as you agree with the script and the voiceover texts are ready, we get to work.

On the one hand, this can be done by professional actors with whom we work regularly. Alternatively, you can of course do this yourself. Whatever you decide, we will accompany you through the entire development process. We would also be happy to explain the possibilities that open up for you if you want to work with artificial avatars in customer service. You may already know the avatar Berti, the soccer expert who answers all your questions about current soccer events at the Deutsches Museum. Berti is just one example of a number of avatars who do a great job.

In principle, the advice assistant can be displayed on all screens – including mobile devices. However, a landscape format display is standard. If you want a portrait format especially for smartphones, a further process must be designed and created.

No, this is not necessary as the digital advisory assistant does not have its own user administration. However, if you wish, we can offer you an end user registration service. Authentication then takes place via the open protocol OAuth, for example.

The assistant does not collect any personal data unless you want it to. As soon as data is collected, it is stored in Microsoft Azure on a server in Germany. Collected data is only stored within the user session and in the front end of the application. Once the session has ended, data can be transferred to your own backend via REST web service.

Key figures such as page views of a specific video sequence are recorded by the assistant using an event ID and stored on the server in the Azure Cloud. You define the event IDs yourself. The data can be retrieved and analyzed as a CSV via a provided URL (incl. API key). Using URL parameters, it is also possible to retrieve the data for a limited period of time and store it for up to three months. To ensure communication with Azure, the digital advice assistant records a session ID; this is not stored in a cookie.

No, the digital advice assistant does not use any cookies.

All options are conceivable here. If you wish, we can even integrate the tracking system you already use.

No, the advice assistant does not record IP addresses.

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Dr. Roland Jesse

Head of Product Development NEXOVI

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