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Connection MS Dynamics to i-Connect (SAP)

Project duration: 3 months

Brief description

The network connection applications created in MS Dynamics by the sales colleagues must be transferred to the i-connect system for further processing in ERP SAP. We are replacing the customer's existing C4C connection.


To process network connection applications, the customer has been using i-Connect for years, which receives the data from the old CRM solution C4C via an OData interface and passes it on in a workflow to the modules of the ERP system SAP. OData offers various interfaces with which the exchange of data takes place. We push the network connection data to the respective OData endpoint and it forwards the data to i-Connect. i-Connect returns a status that conditions the further steps based on the validation result. In subsequent processes, we retrieve quotation documents and statuses, which we make available to the sales staff in MS Dynamics.

Subject description

The sales staff create a network application for a house connection in MS Dynamics, which can include different divisions (water, gas, electricity, heat). The customer and product data as well as the necessary documents (e.g. basement floor plan, declaration of consent) must be transferred to an external system (i-Connect – SAP). There the data is checked and a status is returned which triggers further processing in MS Dynamics. With the data from i-connect, the employees create quotations that are made available in the interface. Sales reps retrieve these quotes via MS Dynamics and send them to customers from MS Dynamics. Signed quotes are sent back to i-Connect and implementation planning begins. Via the interface, the sales staff receive information about the status of the construction measures in order to be able to provide information to customers.


Project period01.03.2023 - 31.05.2023

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