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Expansion of a data-based CRM system for customer acquisition and retention measures

Brief description

At a transport association, the existing Dynamics 365 CRM system is expanded to enable the consolidation of all customer and usage data already available in other systems. This applies in particular to information about tickets that are booked via mobile devices. For this purpose, an interface to the CRM system in form of a web API is developed and an extension of the CRM solution is implemented in order to be able to keep the corresponding data in the CRM system. With the connected tool Power BI, efficient and meaningful evaluations and analyses can be created on the basis of the entire data stock in the CRM system.


Furthermore, the already implemented mailing system Optimizely comes into play, as automated and manual e-mails for customer retention and reactivation can be sent via this connection. In addition to the systems already implemented, other relevant systems must also be brought together accordingly. After evaluating the existing data structure, the first step is to design an interface between the respective system to be transferred and the CRM system. The presentation in the front end must be conceptualised and taken over after successful implementation. In addition to the preparation and analysis of the data obtained through the connection about the extent and type of use of the ticketing services, these are also evaluated via the CRM system or via the evaluation tool Power BI. This enables the customer to carry out automated customer recall actions as well as effective customer loyalty measures, for example, within the framework of the company's goals.

Subject description

The expansion of the customer relationship management system should enable a consolidation of all customer and usage data already existing in other systems. Only with a comprehensive view of the ticketing and usage behaviour of the passengers as well as of all existing system (data) can the best possible control of offers as well as the accompanying customer loyalty be enabled. For this purpose, all customer data of the already existing ticketing systems as well as the data collected through any service use must be transferred to the already existing CRM system Microsoft Dynamics 365 (EU Cloud).

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