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Installation Customer Service Module for MS Dynamics

Project duration: 11 months

Brief description

The standard application of the Customer Service module must be adapted to the individual processes of customer support. Customer service should be able to process customer inquiries more efficiently and with higher quality after commissioning a system.


It must be possible to create a support case via MS Outlook. The Kanban Board plug-in from Inogic is installed and configured for a more transparent overview and faster processing of tickets. The business process flow is adapted to the customer's needs. Initially, there is a simple four-stage process, which is later expanded to seven stages. Once the ticket has been created, customers automatically receive an email with the ticket number and further information. The e-mail is supplemented with the footer and the sender address of the responsible service employee.

Subject description

The support process for customer inquiries following the commissioning of a system is to be digitalized and improved. This should reduce internal effort and ensure better customer service. The customer wants to link their support requests with the orders and thus achieve a holistic view of their customers. Different support cases should be visible on the dashboards, from downstream monitoring and support to damage reports during the installation of the systems. Depending on the type of request and the process steps, the case is automatically assigned to specific employees. The different case types have different data fields/attributes on the ticket form.


Project periodProjektzeitraum01.08.2021 - 30.06.2022

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