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Introduction of a Dynamics 365 Sales CRM system at a bank

Brief description

The customer acts as acquirer and enables access to the credit card system and ensures that the money is transferred from the issuer to the shop. The customer also manages a large number of intermediaries. To map complex onboarding processes, the customer requires a powerful and easily customisable customer relationship system (CRM). PTA introduces the cloud-based Dynamics 365 Sales module to the customer. In addition to the business analysis, PTA implements complex test mechanisms for the KYC (Know Your Customer) process based on low-code development and interface development.


The basis is the Power Platform and the Dynamics 365 Sales module. The CRM is connected to the legal system, which is operated in the customer LAN. There will also be a connection to a cloud-based customer closing process. The processes to be implemented are highly complex requirements (e.g. KYC check). The preparation of offers for the acquirer's prospective and existing customers is based on a highly complex product matrix that includes various dependencies. PTA will implement all requirements as far as possible in the CRM standard.

Subject description

The client operates as an acquirer in the financial sector. In addition to its customers, who offer payment options to their end customers as merchants, the customer also looks after a large number of intermediaries who acquire a large proportion of the customers. Tasks that were previously handled by downstream teams will in future be carried out by the sales department in the CRM system. The standardisation of processes will standardise and accelerate workflows.


Project periodProjektbeginn03.04.2023

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