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Partner management within the framework of a bonus programme at a transport association

Project duration: 3 years, 11 months

Brief description

The client operates as a public transport association. For its end customers and partners, it offers a bonus programme on the basis of which points can be collected for e.g. ticket purchases and redeemed for coupons. It offers companies to participate in bonus programmes as partners and to provide coupons for end customers. The PTA implements the necessary extensions in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales System and implements the interfaces to the internal bonus programme systems via REST APIs as well as to the e-mail marketing system Optimizely (Optivo Episerver).


Potential partners can apply to become a bonus programme partner via a registration form. The form is provided by the customer's third-party systems. The form consumes the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales System via an encapsulated REST API. The partner enquiries are stored in the CRM system as leads. The qualification of the leads leads to a new partner. After successful registration/qualification, the bonus programme partner is able to create coupons. Downstream in the process, the coupons are checked and activated by the bonus programme team, the processes are also transmitted to the CRM via the internal bonus programme system using the REST API interface. PTA GmbH extends the Dynamics 365 Sales System with required custom entities and enriches the standard entities used. The forms of the entities are extended, workflows and plug-ins are programmed and all necessary views are provided. Optimizely is integrated into the CRM.

Subject description

A partner can apply to the transport association as a bonus programme partner via the client's partner portal using the First Contact form. After expressing interest, the request is evaluated by the bonus programme team and the potential partner is either refused or offered the opportunity to register as a partner. The potential partner can register via the registration form. Subsequently, the partner has the possibility to create bonus programme coupons. These are checked by the bonus programme team of the transport association before they are approved. Once a coupon has been approved, the potential partner is listed in the system as a fully-fledged bonus programme partner. Each coupon created must first be approved by the rewards programme team. The Dynamics 365 Sales System supports the marketing department in mapping the downstream partner processes.


Project periodProjektzeitraum12.02.2018 - 31.12.2021

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